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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

24 October 2011

Kettle Chips enters the national TV market, but only talks to its current customers

If there’s a single, most important tenant at Stealing Share, it is what our name suggests. Help our clients steal market share.

To do that means achieving several things, but most important among them is that you must convince those who are not choosing you to switch to you. That is, you talk to the customers of your competition.

For that reason, leading messaging with “table stakes,” the values you must have to even be in the game, is a loser’s proposition. If you tell potential customers that your beer tastes great, they will ignore you because they believe their preferred beer already tastes great. They would be switching for something they already have.

In those cases, the messaging is simply talking to the brand’s current customers. It doesn’t steal share at all.

Which is why it’s disheartening that Kettle’s Brand Chips’ first national TV campaign only speaks to its current customers. The theme of the spots is “Nobody Likes Kettle Chips. They Love Them.”

As a fan of Kettle Chips, I agree. But that strategy isn’t going to steal market share other than what the initial awareness of the campaign will do.

As reported by MediaPost, even the VP of Marketing for Diamond Foods, which owns Kettle Chips, said the campaign was inspired by real (read: current) customers describing their passion for the chips and “the extraordinary lengths they go to during ordinary moments to get, save and enjoy their favorite Kettle Brand Chips.”

Who is the target audience with that strategy? Current customers who have already chosen them. The rest already get, save and enjoy their preferred brand of chips.

The first step in gaining preference among those who do not currently choose you is to target them. Your current customers have already chosen you.

I love Kettle Chips myself. But if I told someone that I’ll go to any length to get them, it wouldn’t change anyone else’s mind. I’d just be talking to myself.

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