Maybe Jeb Bush never really had a chance. News that the third Bush to run for President has dropped out was, at this point, a surprise to no one.

Jeb Bush

Everything seemed to be going Jeb Bush’s way, until it didn’t.

When campaigning first began last summer, Jeb Bush was considered the Republican favorite, even when Donald Trump was gathering huge crowds. Bush had the money. He had the name. And he seemed like the kind of establishment persona that would eventually galvanize the party.

Jeb Bush couldn’t make it in this political era.

But we’re living in different times, it seems. Many voters are looking for the outsider, a belief I’ve never quite understood. To me, you would want an insider. Someone who knows enough about running government to get something done.

For example, history has shown that LBJ was one of the most effective presidents in getting legislation passed and he was the most insider-ish of all politicians.

But this era of politicking is powered by those who are not seen as a part of legislative gridlock (even though Trump is the only one who hasn’t served in government). Many voters seem to think that someone not part of the Washington establishment can break the gridlock.

However, that seems to be like hiring a gardener to fix your plumbing. Who wouldn’t want an expert to get the job done?

But this election is different and Jeb Bush has been left behind. The rise of Trump has been a call from a sector of the Republican Party that is fed up. That sector has never been as vocal as they are today, rallying behind Trump even though he has yet to pick up a single endorsement from another politician.

I guess that’s the point. Jeb Bush has all the endorsements, until South Carolina governor Nikki Haley threw her support to Marco Rubio last week.

Even Hillary Clinton is struggling, despite her victory over the weekend in Nevada. She screams establishment and, to a lesser degree like Trump, Bernie Sanders stands for the opposite to voters. (Despite the fact that Sanders has been a Senator for nearly 10 years.)

In this era, maybe the time of electing Jeb Bush has passed. He would’ve been a stronger candidate 20 years ago. The new political world is different, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.

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