The way the content is delivered can’t be the only thing that changes

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

29 March 2010

iPad advertisers need to do more than add bells and whistles

It comes as no surprise that publishers such as Time magazine and the Wall Street Journal are working with Apple to create unique advertising for their iPad editions. In those ads, advertisers will incorporate online features such as social networking, games and videos.

It sounds cool and no one really knows if it’ll work. But it strikes me as a variation on Internet advertising that hasn’t been the game-changer advertisers have hoped for. Web pages already have ads with video and a few of them also offer to interact as the iPad seemingly promises to do for advertisers.


These tactics do demonstrate an understanding by the iPad publications that the print gig just about up – so they have to do something or lose advertisers.

The most important question, though, is more fundamental. On the iPad, will these publications become more relevant to consumers? Will they make the content and branding changes they need to reverse the current trend of irrelevancy? As I have noted before, media in general has become irrelevant and they have themselves to blame.

If only the delivery of the content changes and not the content (and brand) itself, then those media outlets are bound to be disappointed with their iPad editions – and so will their advertisers.

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