Integra Press Release

Integra rebranding to grow market share

Rebranding Integra to increase their market share. Press Release

Integra rebranding

The Old Integra Logo

Stealing Share finished Integra rebranding and conducted brand research. The rebranding included a new brand for Integra

Stealing Share, Inc. is a brand company that helps brands steal market share. They recently concluded a project for rebranding Integra LifeSciences.

An initiative with global medical devices manufacturer Integra LifeSciences. We created the company’s new look. And, a powerful position under the themeline of “Limit Uncertainty.”

Integra rebranding

Click here to see how Integra promises to limit uncertainty


The new look Integra rebranding includes a green logo with grey type.  And, an unsteady stack of green blocks to suggest the uncertainty surgeons face every day.

With the themeline of “Limit Uncertainty .”

The Integra name now promises to focus on limiting uncertainty. So that its customers can concentrate on their important work.

The new logo animation


“Integra is a company that wants to speak directly to surgeons about what they need most,” said Tom Dougherty, CEO of Stealing Share. “So they came to us for a complete Integra rebranding. To do that, we discovered that the surgeon’s primary emotional driver. So, It promises to limit uncertainties so they can concentrate on making the right decisions for their patients.”

The process for Integra rebranding

Stealing Share’s brand research arm, Resultant, conducted market research for Integra. Integra is a global provider of medical devices for neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons and spine surgeons. They also supply instruments for the entire medical industry.

The Integra rebranding project resulted in positioning, analysis and recommendations for brand strategy. As well as sales training and creative executions. All this to make Integra’s brand more relevant to today’s surgeon. And, better assist its current customers. (read about the Stealing Share process here)

“The purpose of the Integra rebranding was to help Integra communicate its benefits and purpose in a more resonate way,” said Dougherty. “That meant we had to uncover what is most meaningful to surgeons so Integra could focus on what is most important. We consider it mission accomplished.”