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3 April 2018

Instagram doesn’t need any stinking Apple Watches

My family slowly moves into jumping aboard the Apple Watch train while I remain the odd one out. I come clad with an antique pocket watch, daily. My penchant for the old hasn’t kept my interest in the smartwatch from waning. That’s why I was all ears when I heard Instagram was dropping its app from the Apple Watch interface.

This is becoming a trend as many high-interest apps are leaving the Apple Watch. The go to cause for this is that Apple requires all its watch apps be updated for the OS 4 interface. And any apps without the updates vanish.

“I ask, who can really observe a photograph on the 1” by 1” screen of the Apple Watch?”


InstagramInstagram has yet to report if the removal is in relation to the update requirements. I believe it should remove itself, update or not. Consider this. Instagram is a social networking app where users share photos and videos with a network of friends. Users leave comments and show approval of them by giving them a heart. The photo-sharing app designs itself for your smartphone.

Instagram works better on the phone

Nonetheless, Instagram went about creating a scaled down version of the app for the Apple Watch, and it’s a disaster. I ask, who can really observe a photograph on the 1” by 1” screen of the Apple Watch? Moreover, you cannot see any videos nor can you take or post any from the smart watch.

So what’s the purpose?

Instagram and other apps withdrawing themselves from the interface (Twitter, Amazon and Slack) are making the right choice. This isn’t to say that apps don’t belong on the Apple Watch. Because they do. Fitness apps and news aggregates, in particular, are great.

Just not Instagram. Its brand is about sharing (in real time), like you’re a part of the ongoing world. In theory, being on the Apple Watch seems feasible. But not when you can’t even use it. It’s like being locked out of that world.

For Instagram, who needs the Apple Watch?

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