Infiniti advertising is criminal

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

19 October 2017

Infiniti advertising fails on many levels

Infinity Advertising logoThe latest Infiniti advertising leaves me cold. Strike that. It makes me heated. Not that I have anything against Infinity as a brand. It seems like a nice car to me. But I have a bone to pick with the Chief Marketing Officer. And with the ad agency responsible for the latest ad.


Infiniti advertising is so trite

Take a hard look at this TV commercial. It is the latest Infinity advertising, and is currently running on your airwaves. What I dislike most is that it is trite. The advertising thinks it is humorous. But it fails like so much advertising does when the writers TRY to be funny. It’s disappointing. (There exists ways to measure brand power.)

But wait— There is more.

Infiniti AdvertisingThe creative director shepherded through a TV spot that celebrates recklessness. The entire purpose of the wild and reckless driving is ridiculous. The ignorant dad speeds his obnoxious kids to mom’s finish line. They need to be there to cheer mom across the finish line. Yay Mom! They should never have made it. The police stop maniacs like this and ticket them. For good reason. Hey, put Daddy in jail!

Is this ad intended to be aspirational?

It fails. Dad can’t tell the cops that he is on the way to the hospital. There is no baby birthing. No emergency. Just poor planning. The brand message is that Infinity is for slackers and procrastinators. Some brand, huh?

“The Infiniti advertising is criminal. Worse still, it is completely benign and forgettable.”

Am I splitting hairs?

Not at all. I respect the Infinity BRAND. My respect obviously outpaces the company itself. I don’t expect anything more from the incestuous industry. Automobile companies change agencies like the NBA changes coaches. A reshuffling of the same old names.

Change never occurs. Recycled old ideas reused. Entertainment surpasses persuasion. Experts espouse the same old shit.

Automotive brands need new life

These guys (and they are mostly guys) are clueless. The blatant sex kitten ads of the 1950’s still hide in the messages. Little has changed. They don’t understand how emotional importance results in preference. These are forgettable trite little stories.

Infinity Advertising Chrysler 1950's

At least the sexy girl on sitting on the car’s hood was direct. This is simply stupid.

And criminal

Infinity Advertising This dad breaks the law. I assume Infiniti never noticed. If it did notice, they are negligent.

And the message matters. Brands become important when they reflect the aspirations of a target audience. Brand identification is the heart of branding. You need to feel incomplete without the brand. No one in the industry succeeds.

That’s why they have immense advertising budgets. They must have frequency because reach alone fails. Not with wimpy cookie cutter messages. This Infinity advertising is wimpy AND stupid.


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