US Air burns me up

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

23 March 2010

I hate all the airlines equally. But US Airways especially.

Just in case loyal blog readers think that all I ever rag on are the US domestic airlines, this seems to be a great time to drag the international carriers into the fray.

Airlines - Air-hostess-noughties-001As reported this morning in MarketWatch “European skies have been increasingly perturbed by industrial action over the past month, but the turbulence shows no sign of abating as two of Europe’s largest airlines prepare for a fresh wave of strikes.”

Now I feel terrible for the flight attendants who have to “sell” beverages at 40,000 feet, explain why your bag is too large for the overhead bin, ration out the limited pillows and blankets, and smile appreciatively at the unhappy and crammed passengers who are jammed into the tight seats –  squeezed between two other miserable passengers – after leaving home three hours ago for their flight – with no idea how the fare they paid for that terrible seat was formulated.British-Airways-Logo1

Wait a minute. Maybe it’s the passengers who should go on strike?

Until consumers decide to hold airlines accountable for the amenities and services on their jets, which are less desirable and less comfortable than a city bus, we deserve what we get.


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