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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

25 March 2019

How does Apple streaming fit into the brand?

We’ll learn more later today, but the entry of Apple streaming into our world fascinates me. And not because Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon star in one of its shows.

Tim Cook takes the stage at 1 pm ET today to unveil an Apple streaming service that, we think, will streamline your streaming subscriptions. While also offering original programming. In addition, a subscription for an Apple magazine service should also be announced.

Apple streamingMy fascination with this stems from the collision of Hollywood with Silicon Valley. You might already see some of that with Netflix. But Apple is a whole different animal.

Apple gains its power from understanding brand more deeply than anyone else in the world. It’s constantly fulfilling the promise of “Think Different” through devices that are changing the world. It’s a hardware company with a brand discipline second to none.

“I’m just thinking that the Apple culture is unique. And how its streaming service fits into that culture is a fascinating watch all of its own.”

Will the Apple streaming service be different?

But there’s the issue. What does the Apple streaming service mean in terms of its brand? And how does a hardware company oversee television content?

You might also say this is no different than any of the movie studios. They are owned by corporations, business people instead of the movie moguls of yesteryear. And, yes, Apple hired two former Sony execs to run its streaming service.

But no movie studio runs a tighter ship than Apple. Rumors from the creative sector say Apple is ensuring its original TV content is family friendly.

However, that’s a strange tactic to take when we live in a TV environment with HBO’s Game of Thrones sucking up all the air. And those Wind Walkers are the furthest thing from family friendly.

I’m not suggesting the potential issues around the Apple streaming service are because of that approach. I’m just thinking that the Apple culture is unique. And how its streaming service fits into that culture is a fascinating watch all of its own.

We won’t be able to judge the success or failure of the service for years. But the process itself is Must-See TV.

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