Ho-hum. Another Apple event.

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

22 March 2016

Apple may be a victim of its own success

Just yesterday, another Apple event was held and there wasn’t a single device that was introduced that I covet.

That’s a problem.

“What if Apple has hit the wall?”


Apple event

There’s another Apple event and more disappointments.

Part of me feels as though I am sounding like a broken record. Maybe I am. That wouldn’t be anything new for me. In fact, just a few months back, I expressed my concern about Apple releasing a smaller iPhone. When I wrote that blog, there was a seed of hope tucked away in the back of my mind, a hope that the speculations were all wrong and that Apple had bigger ideas socked away. That another Apple event would meet my expectations.

But that wasn’t the case. Damn.

Did the Apple event show it is out of big ideas? 

There is another seed lurking in the back of my mind. A seed of doubt. What if Apple has hit the wall? What if it has tapped out of big ideas? Could that really be the case? Man, I hope not.

Think about the three big components of Monday’s Apple event. These being: the smaller and more affordable iPhone, the smaller and “business oriented”iPad Pro Tablet, and the 9.3 update.

Each of these components reeks of inauthenticity.

The smaller iPhone is just an updated iPhone 5 with a metal back, and improved specs. The iPad Pro seems more like  Apple’s immediate answer to the successful Microsoft Surface tablet. While the 9.3 update is in actuality a copy of the latest Amazon Fire update where the company introduced “Blue Shade,” a filter which can be applied at night to allow users to fall asleep easier.

Take the time to hit a home run 

If there is one thing I can’t avoid, it’s my Apple fanboy status. Thing is, this fanboy is growing weary of what he loves.

As a brand guy, every ounce of me feels like Apple should slow down. That it needs to quit trying to meet the status quo of making everyone happy, and get back at doing what it is best at: Innovation. Take the time to come up with something big.

If not, folks will start looking for that “big thing” someplace else. I haven’t started looking elsewhere yet, but if another Apple event like this one hits the books, I think I just might.

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