Reform should start with the “reformers”

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

25 March 2010

Healthcare Reform? It is the Political Parties that need reform.

donkey2Brand is a reflection of your customer’s aspirations and self-description. We judge a brand’s vitality by the level to which its customer’s covet the brand and feel incomplete without it. I am sick over healthcare reform. Not the reform itself. I am just tired of the posturing and fighting, and total lack of civility (root: civilized).stock_Republican-elephant

The political situation here in the US is an indication of two brands, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, losing any brand equity they hold. Don’t be surprised if, for the first time in US history since the Bull Moose Party of TR, a new movement pushes both of these dinosaurs aside.

Neither party represents anything other than the aspirations of extreme fringes. They have forgotten that we elect Representatives, Senators and Presidents to get things done, not make everything a quagmire.

No political party will ever hire us, Our name is unsavory: Stealing Share. Our name could be more poisonous. We could be the Republican or the Democratic Branding Company.


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