Has anybody seen Oreck?

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

9 May 2013

Oreck once OWNED the vacuum cleaner market. Seriously.

I remember when Oreck was the premium player in the vacuum cleaner business. The company even had its own retail stores. But it never developed a sticky brand.

OreckNow, it has filed for Chapter 11 protection and is on a familiar spiral into the world of forgotten and irrelevant brands.

“I remember Oreck well. To bad it never asked me to care.”

Oreck gave away brand leadership

Oreck marketed its vacuums as being lightweight and the favorite of hotel professionals. Both ideas, however, are from a distant era when many thought brand was built around a single unique feature and an endorsement.

The unique feature has moved on. Weight no longer matters. Bagless machines with cyclonic action are hot right now.  Some manufacturers – Dyson, for instance – recognize that even mundane vacuum cleaner purchases carry a personal brand value both in terms of its personality and design. Design is worth paying for and is something customers will covet.

I remember Oreck well. To bad it never asked me to care.

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