Got Milk?

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

9 July 2018

Got Milk? gets a new spin

You’ve seen them everywhere. Ad campaigns or storefronts with some play on the famous Got Milk campaign. Got Tacos? Got Shoes?  Whatever it is.

got milkSome believe it’s some miracle phrase that captures everyone’s attention, providing the elixir to a business’s ills.

Well, first. The 25-year-old campaign only worked because of the milk mustache, which milk drinkers are all too familiar with. It was funny, with nostalgia sprinkled in because the usually famous people were adults (such as Danica Patrick) looking like children.

So any time you see a spinoff off it, just think. They completely miss the point and are just lazy. Trying to create preference without doing the hard work of what would make their brand truly resonate.

Now, the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) (and, yes, it funded the original campaign) readies to roll out a new campaign that gives a new spin to the “Got Milk?” angle.

“It’s a smart strategy, and the transfer from ‘Got Milk?’ to an emotional intensity is more than most do.”

Got Milk now positions against the kids

The new campaign titles itself “You Can Always Count on Milk,” focusing on the children themselves as they remain the largest consumers of milk. The new spin is that milk is still a reliable drink. Some campaigns say, “If Old Faithful wasn’t already taken, it would’ve been the perfect name for milk.”

The new approach comes as milk consumption has dropped, which hurt several industries such as breakfast cereals. Adults have learned there are healthier options.

But kids? They don’t care about healthier options. They want instant satisfaction. So the CMPB is hoping kids pull through more sales. It’s a smart strategy, and the transfer from “Got Milk?” to an emotional intensity is more than most do.

In fact, the next time you see someone use a variation of “Got Milk,” remember that they don’t understand emotional intensities. The only way to create preference is to align your brand (and messages) with the highest emotional intensity in the market. Do you think “Got Tacos?” hits that?

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