Google is set to change TV

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

20 May 2010

Google takes a game-changing step. Is Apple listening?

I know you’re not supposed to say I told you so, but we did.

The news today that Google is setting out to revolutionize television is unsurprising to those who understand what brands have permission and which don’t to innovate in the minds of consumers.

But there are two other thoughts I’ve had about this announcement. The first is what we’ve said before: The cable and satellite TV companies have to be very nervous, because now the content providers have a way to cut out the middleman that charges too much and wants too much.

Think of the NFL Network, certainly a niche channel but one that’s growing and feeds into a viewership that’s attractive to advertisers. The network has been battling with Time Warner Cable for years on fees, which is why the two parties have yet to come to an agreement.

Now, with this Google announcement, networks like those can see the future. They can just ride past the Time Warners and Comcasts of the world.

Another thought popped into my head, along with the announcement of the Google-enhanced Android phone. The only brand in position to challenge Google on both fronts is Apple.

If that happens, then you are talking about a fascinating clash of brand titans.

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