Google Stores may not work for the Google brand

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

19 February 2013

Does the Google brand allow for products?

Rumor has it that Google will soon be opening Google stores, much like the ones operated by Apple and Microsoft. The move sounds good, because tech brands such as Apple have successful with this approach.

But Google isn’t Apple.

“The retail result would likely be products associated with Google, but manufactured by others.”


Google StoresThe main question is what products Google would carry in these stores. Perhaps the stores would feature phones and tablets that use the Android Mobile OS. Or set-top boxes and televisions that utilize Google TV. It might sell Chromebooks and Chromeboxes or use the outlets to demonstrate the company’s much anticipated “Project Glass.”

The retail result would likely be products associated with Google, but manufactured by others. Its Nexus tablet, for instance, is built by ASUS. Android tablets and phones are produced by a variety of brands. The set-top boxes running Google TV are built by Sony, LG, and Vizio. Google Chromebooks are made by Samsung, Acer and HP. The Chromebox is made by Samsung. Right now, the only uniquely Google product would be Project Glass, the glasses with a a monitor inside.

There is a reason Apple stores work. Its brand has a distinct personality, the products are all Apple brands, and the retail experience is unique.

By contrast, Google products are already sold in stores like BestBuy, Walmart and Target. This widespread availability of Google items makes the concept of an all-Google retail store problematic.

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