Global Branding Experts. How do you choose?

Branding in different cultures

Global Branding Experts. How do you choose?

Global Branding Experts

Is there a difference between being global branding experts and developing unique brands in unique cultures?

Global branding experts need more than just experience in your category. They also need experience in cultural norms and differences. Having offices all over the globe does not create global branding experts. Let me explain why.

The world has changed. And, it has gotten smaller. What is known in one culture is also heard in others.

Branding companies with multiple company offices today only means they are local. And, have high overhead to support. As a result, global branding experts don’t just happen by opening local offices. Brand companies are not supermarkets. Local is not as important as skilled and experienced.

Global Branding Expertise is scarce and valuable

As a result, Stealing Share is not one of the world’s largest branding companies. We are small. But, we have two offices in the US, one in North Carolina and one in New York City. Which makes us rare and elite. And we enjoy a reputation as an premier branding company with global and international experience.

Having the expertise in changing behaviors as a brand strategist is rare. And, there are few of us. However, we have launched, rebranded and positioned brands all over the globe. And we have done so on every continent except Antarctica. Our collective experience is the globe. We are experts at cultural rebranding.

Research tells us how to rebrand globally

The world is changing at blazing speed. As a result, we never assume that a solution from yesterday is effective today. And, we never assume that an answer in one culture is a clue to answers in others. So, global branding experts never assume anything. And, we research everything.

We call our global branding experts Brand Anthropologists

Anthropology is the study of human beings and human behavior. And this is who we are. Inspired by a driving thirst to understand motivations.

So, our brand strategists and researchers are chameleons of cultural differences. So, to stand in the shoes of your target markets, our researchers get UNDER the skin of prospects.

We dissect motivations and cultural pressures. Because we are looking from the out-side-in, our cultural indicators are more revealing than those of natives. Why? Because we make no assumptions and take nothing for granted. So, we examine the smallest nuance.  Everything.  Examined and exploited. The result, your global brand or your unique cultural brand, will grow market share. That’s our promise. And, that is our name.

The essence of global branding experts

Building brands across international borders is not rare. And it’s not even a skill you should want. 

Having all uniquely positioned IN local cultures is what you need.

So, this is what we do. And this is how you steal market share.


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