Global brand building

Global brand buildingThere are an art and a science to global brand building. If you manage or own a multi-national brand, you need a global branding agency skilled in that science.

But if your brand is smaller than global, you need it too. Stealing Share is a new kind of global branding agency. We went rogue. That decision to reinvent the science of rebranding changes everything we do. Call us now. We will tell you about it.

If old-school branding is what you think you need, you should leave our website and go elsewhere.

First, we want to talk about the actual art and science of global brand building. Then we will talk about why that skill set is essential no matter your brand’s geography that you engage a global branding agency.

A global branding agency

The covid-19 lockdown taught us many lessons. Here is the biggest lesson of all. No one needs lots of locations—especially a global branding agency that specializes in global brand building.

global branding agencyWe have always worked remotely. Suddenly we had to. So, our offices sat empty while our strategists and researchers continued to work. We have slowed down and found the new order of working remotely most efficient.

As a result, Stealing Share closed the locations outside of the US and now has two offices in the US.

Meanwhile, we continue to do global brand building as we always have.

When working in different time zones, our strategists and researchers follow the client’s local time zone and never miss a beat.

global branding agency

So, in so many ways, nothing has changed for a global branding agency in terms of work.

But, the client no longer has to pay the fees for us to carry that unnecessary overhead.
It saves both time and money. Traveling remotely rather than by air saves a great deal of time.

So, if another global branding agency has multiple locations, we suggest you ask them why? And tell them you should not have to pay for their inefficiencies.

Rebranding demands making no assumptions

global brand building make no assumptions

This is especially true in global brand building. Stealing Share has rebranded and launched many international brands. Doing this, as a global branding agency demands some discipline.

You must get out of your cultural bias and investigate the individual culture’s emotional intensities. You cannot assume your Share those feelings and ideas with the different geographies.

It requires starting from the ground and then building up. Force fitting your own bias into global brands results in inevitable failure.

Because of that international experience, Stealing Share developed tools to account for cultural differences. We model behaviors, so we have a detailed road map.

Our behavior modeling identifies the lock-step connections between what people do, why they need and want those actions and the belief systems that control them.

Global branding agency— Belief systems are the secret sauce

No assumptions in global brand buildingBelief systems create the culture you need to influence. They are the definition of that culture. They gave birth to it.

This is not a debate between the chicken and the egg. You find the origin of a culture in its belief systems.

Global brand building requires this outside-in perspective. You must identify the highest emotional intensity in those geographies and clans. Then you wrap the brand’s message with that singularly powerful belief.

These emotional nuances are the difference between a lonesome arrival or one with a welcoming marching band.

Our behavior modeling is reliable and projectable. But building a global brand requires certainty.

Resultant Research. Skilled at global brand building

Research is important in global brand buildingThe need for absolute certainty is why we created our research company— Resultant Research. They are a full partner in our global branding agency group. We believe it is necessary for researchers and brand strategists to work together and cooperate.

But, when we redefined the basic branding theory and went rogue, it moved branding far beyond simple identity.

Persuasive branding married the highest emotional intensity and rational advantages into a single and evocative dance. We presented the rational benefits cloaked in high emotional intensity.

This ignited a covetous relationship between the user and the brand. The question facing Resultant Research was how do you quantifiably measure qualitative emotions?

As a result of that question, Resultant Research invented a means to precisely that. And to compare apples and oranges. For our researchers, this is cognitive science. But for our strategists, it was a lightning rod of dynamic power.

The process is simple. Model the behaviors. Identify the emotional belief systems and then test them in the crucible of quantitative research.

Why does this art and science of a global branding agency matter to small regional brands?

Don't get squeezed when global brand buildingBecause we learned never to assume. Never confuse yourself with the target market. And never assume the values that current customers assign to your brand are the same aspects that attract new customers.

Global brand building has made everyone at Stealing Share’s global branding agency cynics. We have all become brand anthropologists searching for emotional intensity and ruling precepts.

If you are an international brand, we unlock the safe into cultural kingdoms.

If you are not global, you will be glad we are. Call us either way. 

We have rebranded and positioned brands all over the world. Our brand development skills have taken us to every continent except Antarctica. We have worked in North America, Latin America, South America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Our clients have ranged from international Fortune 100 Companies to small independent start-ups.

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