There is no news anymore

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

13 May 2009

Ghosts are among us. Maybe it’s Cronkite.

Ghosts are here. I could not resist this. Apparently, some odd goings on have been happening in an old New Mexico hotel site. The present owner says things fall off the shelves by themselves and he hears noises and whispers.

Associated Press is reporting this. Associated Press, the most important wire service in America and arguably the world. And you wonder why 49.4% of Americans believe their lives would be unaffected if their local newspaper were to go out of business, according to a study just completed by our research arm, Resultant.

Ghost HuntersMakes me feel bad that, if this sort of drivel is what passes for news, that the research is dead right. My life would be unaffected too. (Don’t worry, mainstream media. People will eventually be willing to pay for newspapers online. Whoops. Three out of four Americans say they would not pay a dime to get news online.)

Am I being harsh with the criticism of this story? Well, take a look at the picture of this place…

My guess is that wind is blowing things off the shelf and those whispers might just be the north wind. Of course I could be wrong — it could be aliens.

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