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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

08 April 2009

Getting cigars from Cuba

So, three members of Congress had a rare meeting in Cuba with former Cuban leader Fidel Castro — his first known encounter with U.S. officials since he fell ill in 2006. And they came away convinced that the Cuban government wants to end half a century of hostile relations with the U.S.

Now there is a surprise. Not that Cuba would like to see the trade embargo lifted but that Fidel is still alive.

old-fidel-castro-not-dead Cubans

The only ones that would like to see the embargo continue are the Bahamas and Jamaica, both of whom stand to lose “preferred Caribbean vacation destination” almost overnight if travel restrictions are lifted for US citizens to visit Cuba. Today, only the government officials that uphold the restrictions for the rest of us get to visit the gem of the Caribbean. (Well, them and the detainees at Guantanamo  Bay).

It’s time to move on.  The trade and travel restrictions have only helped build up the Cuban mystique. Hell, if the hospitality, weather, rum, music and beaches are only half as good as Cuba’s cigars, I’ll be first in line for the first flight in.


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