Game of Thrones spinoffs

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

14 June 2017

Game of Thrones spinoffs will bore me

I’ve seen every episode of Game of Thrones. Some of them, like “The Red Wedding,” more than once. Which is why any Game of Thrones spinoffs seem like a bad idea.

Game of Thrones spinoffsEven with its snail-paced character development and soap opera-like plot stuck by the series. Even if if I can’t stand the idea that it’s now ahead of the books. It’s better than most. (Try watching a broadcast network show and you’ll see the cable and streaming providers offer up much higher quality.)

Game of Thrones is HBO’s big ticket. Save for the unwieldly Westworld, which HBO hopes is equally as successful, there isn’t much that the network offers that is worthy of my time. There once was a day, with the likes of The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Deadwood and The Wire that my TV would begin and end with the network. That’s it’s the case any longer.

“I think the Wall is cool, but not enough to watch a whole series about it.”

Game of Thrones spinoffs prove HBO is reaching

HBO is well aware that it’s in a mire. If it didn’t feel that way, it wouldn’t be on the cusp of creating Game of Thrones spinoffs.

If you didn’t know, HBO is planning a litany of Game of Thrones spinoffs, and I can’t stand that idea. It’s the mindset behind it all that has me worried. It’s fear-based and makes me think HBO is fresh out of ideas. The opposite problem at Amazon, Netflix and Hulu. (And even FX.)

Thing is, I can guarantee the spinoffs will fail. The very thing I can’t stand about Game of Thrones (its many characters all with unique story lines) is just what makes it work. Five minutes of Cersei is enough. I got my dose of evil and I am ready to move on. An hour of her would bore me to tears. I think the Wall is cool, but not enough to watch a whole series about it.

I would like to see HBO leave a good thing alone. Don’t bludgeon it to death until its once great memory has been clouded by mediocrity.

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