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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

15 April 2019

Game of Thrones is NOT the last TV blockbuster

Jon Snow finds out his true lineage. Jamie Lannister sees Bran Stark, whom he pushed out of a tower window in season one. And Sansa doesn’t trust the Dragon Queen. Yes, the TV blockbuster that is Game of Thrones is back.

Last night’s season eight opener begins the last ride of the acclaimed and popular TV blockbuster. Fans like me were waiting two years for its return, breathlessly waiting the next and final five episodes.

TV blockbusterHowever, in an interesting display of overhype, many are claiming that Game of Thrones is the last TV blockbuster. Like it’s a hot take or something. You can read these takes here. And here.

Here’s my question. How the hell does anybody know that? We live in TV’s most competitive era where streaming services battle one another and broadcast TV. Where Netflix spends up to $13 billion each year in programming. Where Amazon plans to spend a billion dollars alone on its upcoming Lord of the Rings series.

Hell, even Spectrum – yes, the cable company – is rolling out its own original series soon.

“By saying that, you’re saying that never more will anything capture the public imagination.”

There will be another TV blockbuster

To proclaim that Game of Thrones is the last TV blockbuster is simply talking out your ass. While each episode costs around $15 million apiece for HBO, TV services aren’t flinching at that kind of cost anymore.

In addition, some hot takers say Game of Thrones will be the last vessel of TV monoculture. That is, with so many viewing options, some are sure Thrones will be the last TV blockbuster we collectively watch and obsess over.

Again. How the hell do they know?

By saying that, you’re saying that never more will anything capture the public imagination.

Will matching the popularity of Thrones be common? Of course not. But you simply can’t predict what will. In fact, when Game of Thrones premiered in 2011 it wasn’t a hit. It was a niche show that gradually built an audience.

You just never know. Think about this. Most of America was glued to their TV sets Sunday morning to watch Tiger Woods win the Masters. Who would have predicted that?

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