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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

19 June 2017

The Fox News brand changes for the better?

What’s your opinion of the Fox News brand? I assume it depends on your political leaning. Those on the left believe the network is overly biased to the right. Even outright lying. Some on the right believe it speaks the truth the liberal media refuse to say.

Fox News brandEither way, the Fox News brand has suddenly found itself in need of a new direction. The scandals of Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly suggested it. But like anything in television, it’s all about ratings. And Fox News ratings have slumped in light of those scandals and a new political environment. (Maybe Fake News is really about Fox News.)

With that in mind, the network changed its theme from “We Report. You Decide” to ‘Most Watched. Most Trusted.” Why the switch?

Brand positioning is about more than plugging your thumb in the dyke, however. It’s also how you steal market share.”

Does the new Fox News brand mean anything different?

Fox News launched in 1996. It positioned itself directly against other networks who many deemed as having views that were too liberal. “We Report. You Decide” suggested fairness during the Clinton presidency.

But that claim of neutrality is laughable now. More than 20 years later, the Fox News brand is only attractive to a loyal base. Many of whom are leaving. MSNBC is now the market leader, especially among viewers 25-54.

Brand positioning is about more than plugging your thumb in the dyke, however. It’s also how you steal market share. Being positioned against the rest of the market so you are a true choice. And being aligned with a belief that exists in the market so you are preferred. (That’s what made “We Report. You Decide” so powerful…20 years ago.)

Is “Most Watched. Most Trusted” any better? Not really. “Most Trusted” does speak to its base. But does nothing to take viewers from the competition.

Of course, there is ample opportunity for anyone smart enough to take it. MSNBC is running “This is Who We Are,” which is all about MSNBC. Nothing about the viewer.

And CNN stays with “The Most Trusted Name in News.” Not all that much different than Fox News, is it?

Want to win the cable news TV wars? Position yourself as different than everybody else and have a more emotional message.

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