Ferrellgas Marketing and Branding Case Study

Ferrellgas Owns Blue Rhino

Ferrellgas marketing

Ferrellgas is a Fortune 1,000 company that provides propane to more than 1,000,000 customers nationwide. To many rural customers, Ferrellgas is a public utility. Its business is indicative of public utility trends. Starting as a family owned business in 1936, Ferrellgas is now one of the largest propane suppliers in the United States. Recognized as industry leaders in operations, their technological advances place Ferrellgas in position for strong, sustained growth.

Ferrellgas marketing

Ferrellgas marketingFerrellgas operates in a market with very low startup costs and a bevy of competitors from every level. This competitive landscape is what separates Ferrellgas from a public utility.

They came to Stealing Share because they were still hungry to grow and increase their business despite being a market leading company. Our task was to understand the market, uncover switching behaviors, and find brand strategies to exploit those findings.We created themes for Ferrellgas marketing.

 The behavioral brand model uncovered hidden and important beliefs in public utility trends that needed to be tested. While behavioral modeling typically uncovers nuances in consumer behavior, this model uncovered a series of beliefs that, when validated with the field research, gave Ferrellgas a distinctive and powerful position relative to all of its competition.


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