Being a person who lives and breathes brands, I am finding myself in a dilemma about who I believe I am when it comes to my purchase of water. The bottled water business has become a billion-dollar industry, consumers are often faced with 15 to 20 choices and they can be found everywhere.

As a kid, I remember the large glass 5-gallon jugs for the water cooler. Those are still available and even, in this case, there are still several brands to choose from.

My quagmire is this: I like to think of myself as a person conscious of my carbon blue print. I limit my showers to no more than 2 minutes, purchase high efficiency products, keep my thermostat responsibly set and always recycle.

bottled waterMy family and I have been drinking from bottled water for years now and, of all the brands out there, we insist on Poland Springs. This is because it is 100% natural spring water, and unlike many of the other brands of water, they are not just purified water bottled at distilleries.

What I am finding unsettling is how quickly the bottles stack up to be recycled. Right now, there are four of us at home, with each of us drinking approximately 5 to 6 bottles per day. That adds up to as many as 144 bottles per week. This does not add up to a smaller carbon footprint, which is why I am now thinking very seriously about installing a water purifier on my kitchen sink.

The question is who am I when I drink water, someone who is health conscious or someone who is environmentally conscious. Those are kinds of decisions brands must make when identifying – and capturing – target audiences.

I am hoping, with the water purifier, I can be both.

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