In the “Get of my lawn!” segment of the week, former NBA great Oscar Robertson claimed that today’s players and coaches don’t know a thing about basketball, directing his criticism toward current MVP Stephen Curry.

Robertson was always a cantankerous cuss, even during his playing days, but did he see this?

Now, I’m not the greatest NBA fan, choosing the styling of college basketball instead. But, like most of the nearly four million viewers who watched Saturday night’s contest between the Warriors and Thunder, I’m amazed at Stephen Curry’s shooting excellence.

He made a record-tying 12 threes in the game, and also beat his own record for three-pointers made in a season. The former Davidson star is a true miracle worker and I don’t think there’s been an offensive weapon like him before.

Even the traditionalist in me enjoys Stephen Curry.

When it comes to basketball, I am a traditionalist, someone who worshipped at the altar of John Wooden. What Robertson said does have a slight ring of truth to me because, at times, I don’t recognize the game I grew up with either.

But as I age, I sometimes wonder if I’m becoming one of those old guys who thinks rock and roll will destroy youth. I worry I will become the person who criticizes modern trends without enjoying the amazing things that are happening right in front of me.

Stephen Curry is an interesting example. Offensively, he’s as fundamentally sound as anyone but the old man in me wishes he played better defense and that the Warriors would run a half-court offense that wasn’t full of three-point shots.

But if you’re head coach Steve Kerr, what are you going to do? Have Curry, maybe the greatest shooter in NBA history, not shoot from deep? You’re going to go down low to lumbering Steve Adams instead?

What strikes me about Curry is that he’s fun. He’s almost like a Globetrotter, making opponents look so silly you’d think they had their shorts pulled down.

The brand of Stephen Curry, if you will, is about enjoyment. So, while my old man instincts may align with those of the Big O, I think I’ll enjoy the Curry ride instead.

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