Elizabeth Edwards — Dignity, strength and a warrior

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

9 December 2010

Farewell, Elizabeth Edwards

Brand is all about self-identification. The more we personally identify with the values a brand represents, the more we associate with it and provide an important place in our lives for it. Today, I want to step back a moment and talk about my admiration and place of personal importance for a person, not a brand. Elizabeth Edwards. Sure, we all have brands, but this is more personal and yet comes to my mind as a powerful brand and one that felt impeccably maintained by a foundation of truth.

“Elizabeth Edwards was a winner, not a victim.”


So, I say farewell to Elizabeth Edwards today. No, I never met her and yet I hold a special place for her and, yes, her brand. Elizabeth represents all the best things that I could ever hope for myself or those that matter to me. She was a symbol of dignity in a world of indignities. She was a vision of strength and purpose in a world ravaged by uncertainty. Elizabeth Edwards was a winner, not a victim. We all are better off for having had her in the world. We are all a little less for having lost her.

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