Domino’s Pizza Still Fails to Deliver – Even With Pictures

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

7 July 2010

The pizza brands are getting weird

Domino’s pizza new brand of “not as bad as it used to be” continues to flail. Take a look at this:

Now, Domino’s creative agency has come up with the brilliant idea of having Domino’s pizza customers send in pics of the actual “not as bad as they used to be” pizzas delivered by Domino’s for inclusion in ads and promotions.  The intent is to show Domino’s pizzas in their natural grease soaked box goodness, untouched by an art director’s airbrush.  As a reward for the picture, customers who enter could win $500.

“Did the research come back and say that more people would switch to Domino’s if they could actually see “for real” how good their pizza is?”


ec08508e-3a30-4860-b103-85d64799a61aThis is just a continuation of Domino’s trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

First, it was admission that their pizza was not very good so they were going to somehow wave their magic wand to make it better and now Domino’s thinks that showing pictures of their pizza (keep in mind showing only the best of the best of the pictures) will somehow entice people to choose them.  Tell me, Domino’s, what problem are you attempting to solve here?

Due diligence for such an ambitious undertaking as a reformulation of the product that has brought it to its current level of success would require extensive research. Did the research come back and say that more people would switch to Domino’s if they could actually see “for real” how good their pizza is?

This is an example of something we encounter everyday – an inside out view of the market. We hear banks tell us, “If we could only make customers see that we had the most friendly people…” And food and beverage companies say, “If we could only make people see that our product tasted the best…” And service companies say, “If people only saw that we provided the best service…” All the while, they are missing out on what really drives people to make their purchasing decisions – the outside-in view.

What this latest “show us your pizza” campaign tells me is that the reformulation and $10 pizza offers are not having the effect that Domino’s hoped for. Marketing is telling their agencies that “if we could only show people that we really do have the best pizza…” and the agencies are doing their best to make its client happy. The only problem is its agency is solving the wrong problem. The pizza delivery business is not about taste. It is about a reflection of the customer and, until Domino’s can move past what it believes to be true and concentrate on what the prospect believes to be true, it will continue to flail.

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