Dominos DXP

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

24 February 2016

Dominos has apparently entered the car business.

Last fall, Dominos announced it had created a delivery car, the Dominos DXP, which was specialty built to do one thing: deliver pizzas. Now, it has started a new advertising campaign featuring the Dominos DXP that looks more like a car commercial than a pizza commercial.

The ads spotlight the features of this new delivery vehicle, including its warming oven and interior built for one. The problem is that creating a car that is specifically designed to deliver pizzas does not create brand preference.

“What I don’t understand about the Dominos DXP is why should a consumer care?”

The Dominos DXP is systematic of the larger problem.

I have written about the pizza delivery industry before, specifically how none of major chains have given consumers any meaningful reasons to choose. We have seen $10 pizzas, flavored crusts and expanded menus. None of those values provide any real reason to prefer one to the other beyond a special deal or taste.

And let’s be real. If people were ordering pizza delivery purely for taste, there is a local pizza place in most communities that would put Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and Little Caesar’s to shame.

What I don’t understand about the Dominos DXP is why should a consumer care? Does it make the pizza less expensive, taste better or get it to me quicker? The answer is no. I bet the people at Dominos would argue that the warming oven would keep pizza warmer while it’s out on delivery.

But that’s a table stake. How many times have you ever ordered a pizza that arrived cold?

Dominos DXP

Wow. That’s cool.

Makes me want to order from Dominos!

This is more of a gimmick than it is about building preference. Joe Jordan, Dominos CMO, said that the car represented “a tangible indication of our dedication to delivery.” So, in other words, the car means you deliver pizzas.

Pizza Hut has no car and it delivers. To be a pizza delivery company, you have to be dedicated to delivery. It is the definition of what you do. Now, if the car got my pizza to my house five minutes after I ordered it, that may be something else. But there simply is nothing that the Dominos DXP provides that makes choosing that pizza brand a better choice. Table stakes do not make brands.

Let’s face it. This is just an ad campaign. How sad has the pizza delivery business become when, rather than giving customers a reason to choose, one of the players gives them a car ad. I agree that, in order to build real preference in this category, it will take some out of the box thinking. But this is just a case of confusing activity with accomplishment. Sure, Dominos built the first pizza delivery car but it forgot about building its brand along the way.

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  1. Floyd stephenson

    Look I know I can order a pizza anywhere ….why do company’s have billboards ….it’s to get the public’s attention …. this car is a sorta rolling billboard … it gets you to thinking …..hmm I wasn’t hungry for a pizza but look … there’s a cool little car I’ve never seen before ….NOW I might be hungry for a pizza now wal- la they just made a sale , where they might not have before … I saw one of these cars and suddenly start thinking about buying …SO it must work


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