I was just thinking this morning that every CEO and marketing director I speak with insists that, more than anything else, they want to win and thrive. They want their business to steal market share from their competitors. I believe that they believe this.

The problem is most of these companies refuse to change anything. They see change as risk, not opportunity, and that thought is erroneous (I’m being kind).

Truth does not enter into most human behavior because we all see our own human behavior as subjective. Only from an outside perspective can truth be seen and understood objectively. Even then, our own truth remains mostly subjective and is therefore rarely changed or altered.

The truth about business, from an objective perspective, is that while it is claimed that businesses covet winning (which has “change” as a bitter requirement), many are in fact more comfortable with the status quo. Even if that choice means business stagnation or contraction.

Disagree with me? You want to win and are willing to fix what holds you back regardless of the risk of change? Call me. We have a lot to talk about.

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