Dilly Dilly!

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

6 November 2017

Dilly Dilly! Well, not anymore after the second spot

Dilly Dilly! Or when it comes to Bud Light’s new ad campaign, it’s dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly. Dilly Dilly

You know the spot. The first ad features a series of citizens honoring a king Game of Thrones style. The king and his court show their approval of those giving Bud Light with “Dilly Dilly.”

Then comes the topper. The citizen with the aged and spiced wine gets sent off to the Pit of Misery. It’s funny, memorable and endlessly catchy. Bud Light was better served to leave it like that. Instead, the brand trots out an ad with only Dilly Dilly. It’s nothing but 15 seconds of the catchphrase. Insecure, much?


“Because they fail so often that, if something makes a little wave, they become desperate to make it into a tidal wave.”

Dilly Dilly doesn’t need an entire ad to itself

Let’s take a step back. We often tell clients that they’ll get tired of their ads, messages and brand development long before audiences will. That doesn’t mean you feed audiences the ads ad nauseam with frequency. (We prefer reach.)

But brands believe the more you flood the market the more you’ll increase preference. That’s not true. A believable and emotional message will do the trick and save you money in ad buys. You don’t need to overwhelm the market. You just need audiences to notice.

That’s what the original Bud Light ad accomplishes. Its tagline of “Famous Among Friends” fits perfectly into this campaign. Today, though, Dilly Dilly becomes a sledgehammer.

Why won’t ad agencies and brand stewards leave well enough alone? Because they fail so often that, if something makes a little wave, they become desperate to make it into a tidal wave. It’s the way they can shove their success down the throats of their peers. In the end, most marketers desperately desire impressing those around them. They’re out to win awards. Few honestly care about stealing market share.

What happens next? Oh, that’s easy. Because Bud Light falls overboard on Dilly Dilly, audiences will tire of it and it’ll become trite. Burying a success like a dead fish. Now, those marketers will have to find something else to annoy us.

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