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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

11 May 2009

Detroit is not the problem with GM

So what is the problem with GM? To hear CEO Fritz Henderson tell it, not much that leaving Detroit and bankruptcy won’t fix.

DetroitI’ll tell you the problem with GM. It’s the folks who have been running GM. I had to laugh (through the tears) when Henderson hinted that GM would be willing to relocate and leave Detroit, if need be. As if the problem is the city, not GM itself. Not when you can point the finger at a whole host of other things: Indecision, refusing to develop anything other than the status quo, marketing that often bordered on the trivial. (Problems most US manufacturers have.)

The brand of Detroit may have some work to do. But it’s not GM’s association with it that’s the problem. It’s what GM stands for, the definition of the GM customer, that’s the issue here. If Mr. Henderson thinks leaving Detroit is the answer, then GM needs another CEO.

The way I figure it, the only way leaving Detroit fixes the problem is if the management at GM stays behind.

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