Will we have to pay for paperless boarding passes?

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

5 June 2009

Delta fixes the only thing that seems to be working

Back to my favorite brand subject, the airlines. This time its Delta.

iphone_bp1I just read that Delta Airlines is trying to go paperless by instituting “paperless” boarding for domestic flights at Salt Lake City Airport. Delta claims the purpose of this is to allow iPhone and other smart phone owners to download their boarding passes to the device and the airline will scan it directly from your phone. 

I’m so glad that Delta has figured out that, among all the problems with airlines these days, the greatest issue for traveler is the hassle of bringing the boarding pass with us from our printers or stopping by the kiosk to print them ourselves once at the airport. Because, you know, we sure trust the airlines to get this right.

It won’t save us any time, unless Delta ups the recommended time we should arrive at the airport by a minute or two. But it will most certainly help Delta keep all us delayed and inconvenienced passengers occupied while we show it off to other passengers and  everything the airline promises us is ignored. Hey, I’ve got an idea, they could turn it into a profit center by selling us the boarding passes as an add on, like they do for the sick and infirmed who need pillows and blankets.


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