Brand is actually the science of persuasion. When we brand a product or company, Stealing Share infuses the brand promise with the values that matter most to the target audience the brand wishes to influence.

We research the target audience to understand their aspirations and fears because we know that brands need to touch those it wishes to influence in a way that promises an aspiration of a shelter from a deep rooted fear. As it turns out, fear is usually the most powerful motivator of all.  A promise of a reward might get a few folks to fight the inertia of rest and move from one room to another, but the fear of fire will start a stampede in those same metaphorical rooms.

Today, the oil industry demonstrated their total understanding of this principal. It will go to court to fight the ban on deep water drilling. The promise is not more and cheaper oil for us. No. The promise is that if we don’t allow deep water drilling, the expertise will flee our shores, move to Brazil or Africa and “leave the US behind.”

Will it be effective?

Considering that a key precept in the US is the need to win, I would say the fear of losing might just be enough to get us to allow the ruination of our shores, waters and beaches. Maybe, however, the fear of permanent ecological damage will be greater. One thing is for sure. One fear or another will decide which idea wins out in the end.

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