The Cruz-Kasich alliance is a bold move.

Let me start by saying that this blog isn’t about taking a political stance. I am a brand guy through and through and my aim is to talk about the motivation behind recent choices being made by the possible GOP candidates. I have no dog in the Cruz-Kasich fight.

Cruz-KasichThat said, in case you missed the news, a Survivor-like alliance has been made by GOP hopefuls, Ted Cruz and John Kasich . The idea behind the collective Cruz-Kasich huddle is to do whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump from securing the 1,237 delegates he needs to secure the nomination prior to the convention in July.

The plan is for each to focus on the states that each is polling better in. For instance, Cruz has a more favorable chance to earn delegates in the Indiana primary and consequently Kasich will focus his energy in Oregon and New Mexico, where he is polling better.

The move by the Texas senator and Ohio governor is being called by many as a Cruz-Katich “Hail Mary” pass to force the GOP to make a selection rather than it being made for them (i.e., Trump earning enough delegates). While the two claim the move isn’t a last second hurl to the end-zone, it certainly feels that way to me.

An alliance belittles Cruz-Kasich’s brand.

As I said, my intention is to talk brand and not politics.

While I get the strategy behind the Cruz-Kasich partnership, it feel it hurts their respective brands as this move reeks of fear if anything.

What’s more, this is just amplifying Trump’s swagger. Which is just what he wants.

Cruz-KasichSaid Trump: “They colluded and actually I was happy because it shows how weak they are,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Warwick, Rhode Island. “It shows how pathetic they are.”

Those are powerful words that Trump supporters are hearing clearly and hanging onto.

Choosing a candidate is like choosing a branding company.

Branding companies promise to completely understand what your brand means. It’s easy to take that same idea and apply it to politics.

When picking a potential nominee, voters are choosing the candidate that they feel has an understanding os what they are feeling and who promises to do something about those desires.

What then what have Cruz-Kasich done to their base by throwing this strategic wrench into the equation? Or is this checkmate for Trump?

We’ll see how it plays out later tonight.

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