Creating brand value


The secret to creating brand value

Creating brand value. What we buy is ourselves

A process for creating brand value. What we buy is ourselves. Call us, and we will share our process with you. If you want old school  branding theory go here

You leave it to engineers to create a better product or leave it to owners to make operations better, so you present better services to the consumer. But it is up to marketers when it comes to creating brand value.

Here are the first three steps we take to make the brand invaluable

1) Create a space to allow the authenticity of your brand to shine. As part of our process in creating brand value, this means editing your message.creating brand value makes the brand's profits soar

We must make hard choices and focus on the single most crucial space the brand can occupy.

Because the markets today offer so many choices and make so much noise, brand value distills down into getting through your customer’s filters.

The first filter is authenticity. It is how, in a flash, the customer first decides it they should pay any attention.

The target audience ignores your brand is not authentic; they quickly dismiss it. So, be real. Speak plainly and don’t think like a copywriter.

2) Understand your target audience as people, not cliché’s

This is how you find an authentic space. Considering the usage and attitudes is not nearly enough. At Stealing Share, creating brand value demands we know more about the prospect than what they do and use.

We need to know more. The power in your brand is directly proportional to how well you know who they are. We like to field market research. Quantitative research that we invented allows us to measure qualitative ideas.

Not every client has the budget for this. But if they need certainty, like with a rebranding or a brand launch, we insist on it.

a model for creating brand value

But if your goal is to update your brand, adjust the meaning to adapt to market changes, we have an answer.

It’s called our Preceptive Behavior Model. We invented this modeling to allow our strategists to uncover the belief systems that define 

your target market.

This modeling still amazes us. It reveals a roadmap connecting all the needs and wants that your customer holds, but it identifies the belief that created those desires.

It allows us to predict with accuracy what aligning the brand with a vital belief structure will cause to happen. Revealed beliefs are where brand persuasion starts.

It is understanding the power of beliefs makes the brand dynamic and not static. It elevates it to a magnetic place. Coupled with authenticity, this is the winning formula.

Creating brand value to weaponize your brand

3) Claim and own the highest emotional intensity

Creating brand value is a science. Like chemistry, there are rules. The oxygen that causes the brand to ignite like a beacon is emotions.

creating brand value by unlocking emotional powerOther branding companies will tell you about the theories of brand equity. We burned all of those in a bonfire.

R&D and company owners have the responsibility to create the logical need. Hopefully, the product or service at the root of your brand fulfills a critical need or want.

That is their job.

We claim the highest emotional intensity and build that into the brand. 

That is the job of brand strategists. Without that compelling emotional connection, all you are selling is a product or service advantage.

Does that work? Obviously not. You know the proof of that. Is the market leader the best product or service?

Purchase decisions are emotional choices. And emotional decisions are personal. They define who we are and what we do.

For that reason, tying the highest emotional intensity to the belief systems we identified is the goal. It is the art of creating brand value.

The successful Stealing Share brand process

Call us and ask us to prove aggressive means creating brand value

This is just the beginning. But we hope it helps to see the brand differently.

It is not taught this way in any MBA program or marketing curriculum. In the end, all customers crave to buy themselves.

Traditional branding thinks they buy a product or identity. Our process does not. Stealing Share created it in the crucible of today’s markets.

Our clients are rarely market leaders. They are hungry for growth, interested in creating brand value, and driven to knock off the market leader and steal market share.