Corona Light ad takes a road well traveled

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

23 April 2012

Now Corona just seems like everyone else

As we have noted several times, including here in our most recent beer market study, Corona is one of the few beers that positions its brand differently and better than the competition. Looking, feeling and stating the same as the competition (or, in this case, the market leader) is one of the constant failings of the beer market in general. So what’s up with the new Corona Light ad?

Corona’s “Find Your Beach” position meant those who drink Corona are more relaxed and keen on taking it easy. They are away from the rat race. You’re on vacation. The imagery and tone are far different than any other brand, which is one reason why Corona is the country’s top import.

“However, it still spills into the dumb guy tone and attitude of the rest of the market’s advertising.”

The beer brand is going with a new strategy to appeal to younger audiences, and I worry it may be going down the path of the rest down into the mosh pit. In the Corona Light ad debuting today, and which can be seen here on Facebook, a character named “Stan” goes through a daily, mundane routine that includes one of the other beers (called “brown” beers here).

Corona Light adOnce he switches to Corona, suddenly his life becomes a party. The spot ends with the line, “A refreshing change of beer.”

There are positives. The emphasis on color certainly differentiates Corona and it is positioning itself against the rest of the market.

However, it still spills into the “dumb guy” tone and attitude of the rest of the market’s advertising. In addition, its basic message is that Corona is better. It will liven up your life.

That’s really no different than what Budweiser, Coors or Miller are doing, especially when you consider tone and attitude – and it doesn’t even fit within the umbrella brand of Corona.

I’m still confident Corona will manage its brand overall with intelligence and awareness, but this trend disturbs me. It’s a road Corona has never taken because it is well traveled. It should keep off it.

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