Is consolidation good for the customer?

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

6 April 2009

Consolidation doesn’t help you and me

Consolidation. “Google Inc may be in talks to buy internet start-up Twitter, the free micro-blogging service that allows people to send short text messages to a network of friends, the TechCrunch website said late Thursday.”

google_logo_1_1If you are reading this post, you probably got here as a result of the Google search engine.  This is really good news because if we have learned anything in the past year or two it is this: If we can possibly allow a single category of services (i.e. banks) to be controlled by a select few players (i.e.airlines) end user consumers (you and I) always benefit (get screwed) in the end.

I think Microsoft should buy Apple so that technological innovation happens at a faster pace.

Don’t you?

Consolidation - Is it a good deal for the consumer?

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