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Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference

Stealing Share Keynote Speaker at MajorTourism Conference

tourism ConferenceStealing Share CEO, Tom Dougherty, has been invited to be a keynote speaker at the Governor’s travel/destination conference. The Conference is sponsored by the Colorado Tourism Office and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade. The conference is to be held in Breckenridge, Co. on October 13.

Tom will speak at the tourism conference on Positioning a destination to steal market share

“When the stakes are high, it is not enough to simply talk about your destination as a description of amenities and natural features.

When today’s travelers make purchase decisions, they are choosing more than just scenery, geological features and activities — they are choosing a vision of themselves.

Understand that the clarity of that personal vision defines the influences and the subsequent level of preference.

Don’t confuse this brand DNA with your marketing or advertising message — it is so much more than that and is the foundation of truth and permission that makes both of those disciplines more effective.”

Tom will explain that the answer is not to spend more and speak more loudly but rather to spend smarter and speak with more clarity and focus.


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