I have written many articles over the years in which I have borrowed words and sayings from Coach John Wooden. Today, in his 99th year, reports are that Coach Wooden is gravely ill.

This saddens me more than I can express. I know we are bound to lose John Wooden sometime soon but I don’t think I am ready to let go yet. I don’t understand why that is exactly, as I have never met Coach Wooden personally.

Somehow, I believe we are all a little better off for having him in the world with us and will feel a great loss when he passes away. I hope he is alive and with us for some time to come — selfish of me I know, but I lack much of his grace.

I have often chided brands with his eloquent words because Coach Wooden was a teacher of human beings‚ basketball was just his vehicle. His wisdom and insights displayed an uncanny and deep understanding of human behavior and how to get the best and most out of everyone. These are lessons I try to pass on to all of our clients. How important it is to have unshakable values and to “be quick… but don’t’ hurry”, to “never confuse activity with accomplishment” and “to never expect a different outcome if you continue to do what you have always done.”

Coach Wooden would have been the greatest in any profession. He was without a doubt the greatest coach of all time.  He would have been the greatest brand man ever too.

Look carefully, for we will not see his likes again.

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