Deny Climate Change

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

22 August 2016

Rethinking Climate Change

climate change

Will Florida be under water?

Is everything in this world today political? Why is climate change a political issue? It is time that we realized that our political bent may very well blind all of us.

Science and physics. Not alchemy and politics.

Now, stop before you jump down my throat about scientific AGREEMENT on climate change and decide to applaud or condemn me. Because your political feelings shouldn’t make science a moot point. Let’s start with a scientific axiom we learned in elementary school.

Former VP Al Gore in the film An Inconvenient Sequel

Read the viewer comments about the movie on Rotten Tomatoes. Almost nothing about the movie as a MOVIE. Instead they are a series of polemics written by zealots and not those that went to see the movie. These prove my point. I wish they did not.


The inarguable law of cause and effect

Climate change“History of the Concept of Cause and Effect. The concept of order maintained by the law of cause and effect is a scientific principle with a history traceable through Hebrew, Babylonian, Greek, and modern civilizations.” —Source The Law of Cause and Effect Dominant Principle of Classical Physics by David L. Bergman and Glen C. Collins

So, which one of you believes that nothing we do has any effect? That if we choose to add pollution to our atmosphere it will have no effect?

Do you believe that if you continue to dump trash in your living room eventually you will live in a dump? Obviously, you have never seen an episode of Hoarders on TV!

Come on folks. Get out of your own way and admit that what we do has effects.

“Denying climate change is being ignorant. Better look up the word before you get too offended.”

A few of my friends are climate change deniers

The fall into two camps. I have an answer to both.

Camp 1. Climate is changing but it has nothing to do with human activity. “It is a naturally occurring event.”

Camp 2. Climate change is a myth propagated by leftists who want to see American businesses fail because of government regulations.

Climate Change has nothing to do with human activity

This is the easiest argument to dismiss. Why? Because it does not matter if we cause it or not. The key is that climate change is happening.

climate changeSo, consider this. Let’s say astronomers discover that a life-ending meteor will slam into the Earth. Certainly, human activity did not cause this. But, don’t you believe everyone would be asking science to find a way to divert it. Hopefully stopping the collision?

Of course we would. Causality does not matter in the face of impending disaster. It is a diverting tactic, And, it’s the slight-of-hand used to keep open minded individuals close to camp 2.

If we can make the argument stick that the link between climate change and human activity is a pivotal point, Camp 2 wins the argument. (Read a blog I wrote years ago on the movie An Inconvenient Truth.)


Coral bleaching does not just mean the death of reefs.

It is indicative of the dying seas.

Climate change is a myth

This camp is harder to explain and therefore harder to change. (Read an earlier blog on global warming here.) Excessively hot summers and unpredictable weather does not change their minds. And for good reason. These weather changes are not absolute indicators of climate change. But you cannot ignore other climate changes.

Melting ice caps in Antarctica and Greenland, for example. The rise in sea temperatures and the bleaching of coral reefs.

Is it all a conspiracy?

There may be one scientist left in the world who dismisses that climate change is real. But NONE of them dismiss the arctic melting as insignificant. They don’t deny that sea levels are rising (due to melting) and that ocean temperatures are rising. Are scientists hiding Bigfoot from us? Was the moon landing all just fake news? (Read about political correctness here.)

Climate change

Ignorance is no excuse

And no defense. If this is a conspiracy by leftist tree huggers then why do American businessmen like me, for example, ask you to take it seriously? I don’t want our businesses uncompetitive. I don’t harbor any conspiratorial feelings designed to damage my own country.

Ignorance means to ignore. Where are we as a world if we do not listen and pay attention to the people who invest their lives in scientific study? You would not want me to put a pacemaker in your chest. I’m not qualified to do it. I believe I could find an expert to implant one in my chest if I needed one. I would not trust someone to do it who has only an opinion. An opinion of how and when it should be done. Neither would you.

Stop politicizing everyone’s future

We have defined our future through political agendas. I’m sick and done with it. I can’t be a part of ignorance anymore.

climate changeIt’s time for Camp 1 to move on towards solutions.

And it’s time for Camp 2 to just be quiet and allow for the possibility that they can be wrong.

I allow that I could be wrong. But the idea of cause and effect is another bit of common sense. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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  1. Jeff

    There is no joke and no hoax about any of this. The biggest lie about Al Gore is the carton carbon contributes about 38% to warming but it last 180 years in the atmosphere, in the short-term, nothing natural gas and nitrous oxide is about to burn this place up, natural gas is 83 times worse where nitrous oxide is 400 times worse. The statement of natural gas being clean energy is overwhelming fraud globally and lawsuits will soon be filed. I work with global experts and climatology energy and environmental, some of these scumbags from the United Nations in the World Bank tell me to my face but they’re doing they call it a population cleansing of about 7 billion people. We got less than seven years to get off the methane if we don’t, we wipe out most of humanity and it’s being done purposely. I love your article I’ve got gross amount of facts and information if you like to have them.


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