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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

2 January 2018

Charging for replacement Apple batteries?

How often does Apple screw up? Enough to take a bit of the shine off its brand. Over the holidays, customers uncover Apple batteries being slowed down in older models. In response to the Apple batteries outcry, the company now offers replacement batteries at a reduced price of $29, instead of the regular price of $79.

Big whoop. How about giving them away for free?

Apple’s response states that it did slow down older phones after the latest update to prevent battery shutdowns. That was necessary for phones with aging Apple batteries.

“What’s the Apple brand worth in light of missing $29 per customer?”


Apple batteriesSounds like hogwash. Customers believe it’s an attempt by Apple to prompt sales of its newest phones. Upset with your older phone’s performance? Then buy a new one!

Apple says that’s not the case, but who’s kidding who here. Of course it’s to spark new phone sales. The timing is suspect, for one thing. The update arrives just as the iPhone 8 and X hit stores.

Why not offer replacement Apple batteries for free?

What else could have Apple done? Not complete the slowdown at all? Its argument feels weak, but let’s give it the benefit of the doubt for the moment. Maybe the slowdown was needed considering the millions (billions?) of users cranking on their phones during peak times.

But why didn’t Apply say anything beforehand? This is why its brand takes a hit. Apple builds its brand on thinking differently, having elegant style and being the underdog against corporate America.

Being the richest company in the world means the last value is hardly believable. (And the most valuable brand.) But the emotion many Apple loyalists like myself feel arises from a belief that Apple is different than other corporations. It’s just better than everyone else.

So, while it fesses up to its Apple batteries issue, it doesn’t go far enough. Why charge customers at all? It’s not like it couldn’t take the financial hit. What’s the Apple brand worth in light of missing $29 per customer?

Think different, Apple.

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