A case study in rebranding: GlenGuard

Research returned a new idea

Rebranding GlenGuard is a great example of the rebranding process. The world of fire resistant (FR) fabrics is a complicated one because its providers have several audiences to reach. There are distributors and industrial laundries. There are the workers themselves.

And then there are safety managers, the ones who often make the decision about which fabric to offer to their workers. (Look at some of the creative work we designed to support the rebranding of GlenGuard.)

The approach by many in the industry was to pinpoint what they believe workers wanted: Comfort, durability and protection. The problem was that every one of the fabric manufacturers used that messaging while ignoring the decision maker. The safety manager.

The old Rebranding GlenGuard logo promoted product benefits

The old GlenGuard logo promoted product benefits

GlenGuard, a division of Glen Raven fabrics, was not satisfied and was in need of a rebranding. It had the lightest and most fire resistant fabric in the industry but its efforts to steal market share needed strengthening.

Rebranding GlenGuard for a new audience

Stealing Share and its research division, Resultant Research, conducted both qualitative and quantitative research with safety managers to uncover their emotional triggers needed in rebranding GlenGuard. The single biggest hurdle facing them was getting their workers to wear the safety garments, therefore becoming compliant.

Taking those research results, Stealing Share and GlenGuard revamped the entire brand. GlenGuard is now focused on giving workers less reason to cheat on compliance. That gives definition to why GlenGuard’s fabrics are important.

Rebranding GlenGuard

The new GlenGuard logo after rebranding

The word “cheat” is also important because it’s the language of the safety manager. It is also easy to notice. The word tells the safety manager that GlenGuard is serious about compliance.

Therefore, the new logo demonstrates a coming together of two pieces that fit, with the theme of “Compliance” locked in with the logo. But that’s not all. An equity line often appears with the logo. It directs all of GlenGuard’s marketing, sales and operational efforts: “If they cheat when they wear it, it’s not compliant.”

3-20-glenguard-logo-and-tag-lineTherefore, the benefits of rebranding GlenGuard’s fabrics now have a new and important meaning to safety managers. The rebranding of GlenGuard was designed to steal market share. That’s what we do.

In addition to research and logo development while rebranding GlenGuard, Stealing Share conducted brand training, developed marketing materials and created advertising.