I love college sports but I’m liking the Carolina Panthers and Golden State Warriors.

Now, I say that I prefer college sports not because of my allegiance to a particular team or sport, but as a preface to my next statement:

I dislike professional sports.

That is, every year until now.

Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers have the winning attitude.

There have been two professional teams that have boasted perfect records. In the NFL, the Carolina Panthers are now sitting on an awesome 13-0 record, while the NBA’s Golden State Warriors had won 24 in a row. (Although they lost this past weekend to the Milwaukee Bucks.) It even turns out that the two stars of the teams, Cam Newton and Steph Curry, are friends.

As a brand guy, I am intrigued by teams like the Carolina Panthers and Golden State Warriors that show resilience and perseverance, dedication and commitment. I believe these two teams have that kind of gusto.

Carolina Panthers and Golden State Warriors have the right attitude.

My favorite coach, John Chaney, said that “winning is an attitude” and it’s also the title of his biography.

Chaney is right. There is a collective energy and consciousness that a winning team has, like the Carolina Panthers do. With unity, a formidable foe can be beaten. On winning teams, players accept their roles and play within themselves. They even have fun doing it.

Carolina Panthers

Like the Carolina Panthers, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors have the winning attitude.

Success is the only option for Duke when Coach K is at the helm. His players believe it is their destiny to win, which shows whenever they hit the hardwood. People hate them for it, but Duke normally has the last laugh.

The Carolina Panthers and Golden State Warriors are magnetic.

When I think about the brands that steal market share or those on our roster seeking to steal share, they have changed the lens from which they see. That’s because it is not until they believe that they should be wearing a winning lens, that winning can become a reality.

That’s why I encourage you to watch a few games of the Carolina Panthers and Golden State Warriors. They are fun to watch. Notice the tangible appearance of their beliefs, and how different it is than the teams they are beating.

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