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16 October 2019

Cafe Du Monde elicits an experience, what’s not to love?

I woke up early this morning. Well, that’s a bit of an understatement. More like 3:30 in the morning early. Nonetheless, an early wake-up time provides me with a period when I work best and with the deepest clarity. It’s also when I consume about a pot of coffee. Today, I am savoring the flavor of one of the most unique blends ever, Cafe Du Monde’s Coffee with Chicory.

The New Orleans-based Cafe Du Monde is a true original. In fact, that’s just what it coins itself, “The Original French Market Coffee Stand Since 1862.” The shop is known for two specialties: Its airy and perfectly dusted (and fried) beignets, and its chicory blended coffee.

Cafe Du MondeThe coffee is an acquired taste. It’s strong with a woody flavor (that’s the chicory). You’ll only need a third of the grounds in a French press. Which is nice, as it’s a robust cup with beans that last an extra long while.

Everything about the Cafe Du Monde coffee brand is visually appealing in a profoundly simple kind of way. Each can pops out on the shelf, probably because they are shrouded in a unique hue of orange with the sketching of the French Quarter coffee shop in the forefront. Couple that with an exquisitely different aroma and taste, and you have yourself something different and better.

Somehow, the the Cafe Du Monde brand evokes all of New Orleans

What more can I expect from the brand that roasts my favorite blend of coffee?

It all boils down in Cafe Du Monde’s understanding its brand and the desires of its customers. Understanding your target audience goes beyond knowing their usage and attitudes as it relates to your product, brand or category. You must understand beliefs.

Everything about the Cafe Du Monde coffee brand is visually appealing in a profoundly simple kind of way.”

My belief is that the experience of New Orleans is richer than most. So then, with each cup of Cafe Du Monde Chicory coffee, I’m transported to the heart of one of the greatest cities in this entire world; where the Preservation Hall Jazz Band is belting it out, the Cajun food is in abundance and the beignets piping hot.

Who would have thought an orange can could take you there so quickly?

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