Hampton Inn: Brought to you by Importantality

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

17 October 2013

Hampton Inn gets overly clever

Hampton Inn, what the hell is Hamptonality?

Hampton Inn thinks prospects see it as a special form of hospitality branded by Hampton as unique and important. However, these trite tactics won’t build market share. It is way too clever and much too cute.

“Rule one in brand messaging aimed to influence behavior— be authentic and avoid cleverness. Hamptonality fails both axioms.”


Hampton InnRule one in brand messaging aimed to influence behavior— be authentic and avoid cleverness. Hamptonality fails both axioms.

There are other important values that are more highly emotional among hotel customers. Things like on-line check-in and customer recognition. Things that give you more than free Internet access and a bottle of still water.

The meaning of Hamptonality from Hampton Inn

This is simply a lost category of brands.

I stay mostly at Hilton properties, not because I love them, but because of a loyalty program that feels as much like a snare trap as it does VIP treatment. What a great foundation to build preference by igniting resentment and a feeling of less choice.

We have not worked on a hotel brand in some time so I can’t definitively tell you what the highest unclaimed emotional intensity is in the market. But looking at the messages, it is evidently clear that the category hasn’t defined it either.

Therefore, this small tidbit of brand wisdom is brought to you by Stealing Share in the name of Importantality. Sounds authentic and important, doesn’t it? All it needs is a service mark to prove it is even more of a “tinny” marketing tagline.

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