Breaking Bad could have ended differently. Thankfully it didn’t.

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

11 October 2013

Breaking Bad ended as it was meant to

Seventy-five million dollars is a lot of cash any way you slice it.

I’d like to think if I had money like that, I would put it to good use. Charities come to mind. Maybe medical research too. Perhaps something that would spurn a hint of betterment to our world.

“I am as much a fan of the anti-hero, Walter White, but does having three more episodes of a television show means that much to you?”

Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of Dreamworks Animation, however, would spend his $75 million to make three more episodes of Breaking Bad.

Breaking BadCome now, Katzenberg. There wasn’t any better way to spend your dough?

I am as much a fan of the anti-hero, Walter White, but does having three more episodes of a television show means that much to you?

Generally, one tends to identify with a show because of its actors, writers and directors. For the latter, it’s their vision and story arc to tell—so keep your greedy paws off the goods, Katz. If you’re that concerned about a show having the exact ending you want, use your windfall to make an AMC show of your own. Or better yet, write an alternate version down in a million dollar journal. Just be sure to keep those scribbles locked away in your room.

Letting a good thing run its course can be wise. I wish Sylvester Stallone kept this in mind with Rocky. Jaws, too. Both films were great, but their legacies waned with every idiotic sequel that followed.

If you think this doesn’t pertain to TV, Arrested Development, anyone?

So kiss off, Katz. And put your money some place that matters more.

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