Branding consultancy

Branding consultancy – The 3 three rules we follow


We are a little embarrassed saying we are a branding consultancy.

branding consultancyIt is just such a poor company to keep.

The entire industry gives us a bad reputation. You know the familiar riff. A branding consultancy is a group of egg heads who pontificate about theories and deliver not much more than a bill for services. They aren’t’ business people.

Well. That’s not us. We practice our craft differently. No hail fellows well met here. Our clients will tell you that often time we piss them off. We are urgent, you see, and time is money. Your money.

branding consultancy

So, forgive our brusque ways. Honesty saves a lot of time. We have a job to do. You hired us because you believe your brand can do better. That all the parts are not working as hard as they should. Our job is to find the faulty parts and dispose of them.

In that rust bucket of old-school ideas, we take the coals from the funeral pyre and compress it into a diamond.

Sorry for stepping on toes. Our clients demand more from a branding consultancy than a bunch of overpriced yes men. Oh, and if that is not a politically correct statement. No apologies here. Take your business elsewhere.

So here are our three immutable branding consultancy rules.

1) Truth. We tell the truth. Our clients want the truth.

branding consultancyWe build brands that change market trajectory. Our job is to find problems and not congratulate successes. We all have our families for that.

Experience teaches all of us this fact: figuring out solutions is not the hard part of life. The tricky part in life is figuring out the correct problem.

That is our skillset.

We cut through the crap and dispassionately look at the entire situation. The market, the brand message, the target audiences, the competitors, and the shifting landscapes. You hire our consultants as a business decision. Not to find another adherent to drink your Kool-aid

2) Urgency. We act with urgency.

branding consultancyThat is different than working in a hurry. Urgency demands no wasted moves. Hurrying is a reckless act. If you’re in a hurry— don’t call us. If the issues are urgent, call us now. Don’t wait. Tell us your story, and we will get you a proposal to diagnose the problem and fix it

We use our disruptive behavior modeling to understand the urgent needs of your target audiences. You are welcome to read about it here if you like. It allows us to see your market’s emotional needs and find where you are missing the nerve’s root. My guess is you will just call us.

3) We are dispassionate.

branding consultancyWe believe its alignment measures the power in every brand with the highest emotional intensity in your market. Your customers are emotional; your employees are emotional. The Stealing Share brand consultancy is not.

You cannot afford us to be emotional. We have only one sword to grind — creating a rebrand that steals market share. Other than that, we have no other dog in this fight.

We don’t care who holds what beliefs or nurtures which sacred cow. Welcome to the cookout. We serve those cows rare.

If all these rules fit into your wheelhouse, call us. We will team up and solve the problems. We will find the hurdles that bind your brand to the past and create currents toward future success.

Here is what we find most interesting.

Our clients are just like us. They want the truth, they are urgently seeking it, and they are dispassionate in that quest.

branding consultancyA branding consultancy is an important decision—success or failure ride on your choice.

Our charter is to see your brand in three-dimensional space. In that model, your brand sits, your competitors reside, and your target audience thrives.

We examine everything from sales, marketing, operations, and management. We are excavating a road through silos and a map to the highest emotional intensity in your category.

Then we seize that space and hold onto it like a shark. It’s valuable space, and your brand should own it. It is the essence of what we term persuasive branding. You need it; we deliver it. Unlike other branding consultants, we don’t pontificate. We are doers. If you are too, we have much to talk about.