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Stealing Share invented persuasive branding. Our brand process takes the standard and rote brand identity and pours persuasive juices into its very fiber. .
Stealing Share - Branding

A branding company should be more than just a design firm

No one should settle for the corner deli type of branding company. If you want to win and grow in today’s crowded market, demand more than just a pretty picture. Static does not cut it anymore.

The Stealing Share branding company invented a new value proposition for brand development. We call it persuasive branding.

Other brand companies are Neanderthalsbranding company differences

Think about how much markets are changing. Then consider how much they will transform in the future.

Why would anyone settle for just safe and handsome?

If that is all you want from a branding company, you should leave Stealing Share and go here.

The brand must lead marketing

Not the other way around. Long before you construct marketing messages, you birth your brand. A powerfully persuasive brand creates believability.

It provides your target audience with confidence in the brand’s truth—permission for your target to believe.

Other branding companies think marketing is brand’s poor stepchild. We don’t. We see the brand as the parent of marketing. Brand instills all of life’s messages and directs the child in positive directions, helping them avoid negative influences and embrace growth.

A branding company must understand persuasion

To be persuasive, a brand must understand what is most important to those potential customers. So, Stealing Share researches your target audiences.

top branding companyThat’s why we have an in-house research company. Never outsource fundamental parts of your business. Making a brand the hub of persuasion demands that you research emotions.

As a branding company, we earn our stripes in understanding and quantitatively projecting emotional triggers.

A persuasive brand must grab the emotional fibers. It must MEAN something and not just say something.

The age of understanding

Forget about the information age. Your customers are bombarded by messages. They spend immense energy filtering out SPAM. To get through those insular walls, your brand must feel personal.

By owning a high emotional intensity, your brand awakens. Reflect the prospect with an emotional tone that they also possess, then the brand becomes personal. And therefore persuasive. A great branding company has the skills to do just that.

Consider all this market noise. Your brand must stand out as both different and better. If it doesn’t, it is just more noise.

This is our discipline. Single-minded on that emotional intensity so that nothing stands between your brand’s meaning and the audience you need to move.

We are fierce about this. And we pass that vigorous drive to you. By maintaining vigilance and fine-tuning your brand’s message, the brands we create stir up the market and change the pecking order.

A great branding company possesses the skills to do just that.

Build the highest emotional intensity into everything

We find that diamond amongst the slag heap and build it into everything we create.

As a result, your logo reflects what is important to your target audience. So it is not just beautifully designed, but has a strategic message in it.

Your theme emphasizes that personal attraction. And everything in your new brand charter.

Unlike a run-of-the-mill branding company, building sales ladders, sub-brands, mission statements, and marketing platforms—everything fits together.

Who can afford the waste and lost energy of unfocused brand communications?

Our brand training moves the entire organization to own and practice brand differentiation. We won’t settle for anything less. Neither should you.

Kick the traditional branding company to the door

Call us. Ask us to show you the process we weave into memorable and growing brands.

Everything has changed in the past decade: you customer, market, media—all of it. The science of brand needed to adapt, and Stealing Share is the revolutionary branding company that did.