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Other branding agencies sell the same old crap.
How do you change that trajectory?
Be bold. Be smarter.


This is the most important web search you have every Googled. Congratulations. You already made it through the haze. Stealing Share is not like other branding agencies. Remember, choosing someone else is great news for your competitors. We can prove it.
Stealing Share - Branding

Branding agencies that are stuck in the past

Search for branding agencies and here’s what you’ll find. The agencies saying and doing the same things. See if these phrases ring a bell:

“We push the boundaries.” “We have deep expertise.” “A leader.” And the worst of the all – “We create relationships.”

You don’t want a freakin’ relationship. You want to win.

The whole point of looking for branding agencies is to steal market share. So don’t look for the commonplace.

Contact us here, and we’ll show you why picking anyone else is a mistake.

Who are these branding agencies?

First of all, they do want a relationship. That way they can keep invoicing you no matter if what they recommend works or not. They want you to like them.

branding agenciesThey really don’t care about how their work affects your business. They want to pontificate on theory so you think they’re smarter than you. That you need them. And, hey, they’re nice people.

We don’t play that game. Oh, we’re some of the most entertaining and gregarious people you’ll ever meet. But we only care about how your brand and marketing improve business.

We’re not looking to invoice you each month. We tell you what it will cost. Do it, and get out. We complete the first round of creative then hand it over to you. It’s your brand and you own it.

What’s wrong with the others?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the branding agencies you’ve read about.

However, they fall into the trap of branding and marketing that just looks the same as everyone else. Oh, they do the usual work. Looks great. Splashy enough to make you dizzy.

But the meaning will be the same as your competition. Follow the market leader is their mantra. Do what they do. After all, they’re successful. Right?

The market leader is always the default choice for target audiences. Copying them teaches those prospects to choose the big kahuna.

You can only be chosen if you’re different and better. You don’t win by being afraid of those you’re trying to beat. leave the safer havens for them.

Consider this

Retailers wonder what hold Walmart has over shoppers. Why can’t anybody make inroads into its market share?

Because they all just copy Walmart. Walmart says, “Save Money. Live Better.”

Target responds with “Expect More. Pay Less.”

They mean the same, damn thing. If you shop on price, then you’re picking Walmart. Target’s just left with a color.

Look at your market space. Do you mean the same thing as everyone else? Is there like messaging across the category?

That’s most branding agencies for you. They’ll just put a spin on the table stakes of the category and spit out an empty diamond. It sparkles. But falls to pieces when you touch it.

The category experience lie

other branding agencies don't deliver The biggest mistake you can make choosing branding agencies is basing that pick on category experience. That doesn’t matter. A whit.

In fact, it can be harmful. Having deep industry experiences increases the chances of ending with the same messaging that already exists in the category.

We understand. Your industry is unique. There are aspects of it like no other. And you’re more comfortable with someone that speaks your category jargon.

That’s usually the problem. Do you think your target audiences understand? Do they even care?

Think about the auto industry. Why do all those car commercials look alike? The brands spend millions on a single spot that looks and sounds and means the same as the competition.

Why? Because the auto industry trades agencies back and forth like baseball cards. Oh, you failed at Audi? Great! You’re hired.

We have experience in just about every industry. But don’t choose us because of that. Choose us because we help you steal market share. That’s all that matters.

Steal market share 

Not everyone wants to win. Many are scared, finding solace in the market benefits everyone promotes. It’s safe.

Stealing market share is difficult. It takes quantitative research that asks different questions. It takes a brand strategy that aligns with your audience’s highest emotional triggers, not just the rational ones. And your brand must be different and better.

For those who want to hang around, below are links to other branding agencies that play it safe. They are nothing to be afraid of. Pick any one of them. They are all the same.

Don’t play defense with your brand.  Make fear your best friend.

A partial safe list of ordinary and safer branding agencies

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