A List of Branding Agencies

(At least that’s what they claim to be.)

Branding Agencies. A list of our competitors.

Branding Agencies and Branding Companies

Stealing Share is an eponymously named rebranding company that commands first place in lists of top branding agencies.

Not much to brag about because this is a very low bar. The truth is our competitors only do corporate identity and have no idea what branding REALLY is.

But not everyone wants what we do. So here is a list of branding agencies and brand companies that will do what you tell them to do.

Branding Agencies. A list of branding companies. (In their own words)

Addison Whitney is a global branding firm with a passion for building strong brands. We specialize in verbal and visual branding, brand strategy and research. Everything we do is based on a strategic and engaging process that will help you create, renew or strengthen your brand.”

Anagrama is  an international branding, architecture and software development firm with offices in Monterrey and Mexico city. Our clients include companies from varied industries in countries all around the world.

Art. Lebedev Studio Founded in Moscow in 1995, art. Lebedev studio is the only design company in the world offering product design, city environment design, graphic design, websites, interfaces, packaging, interior design, typeface design, custom patterns, illustrations, and book publishing under one roof.

Bliss and Tell Branding Company Capturing the bliss of your business so others will tell about your business

Brand Fever Our hybrid team works to build brand value and distinction. We push the boundaries of marketing channels, creating engaging experiences online and offline. We execute with insight-driven creative excellence that transforms touch points into measurable results.

Brand Union We are a global brand agency with deep expertise in brand strategy, design, interaction, brand management and employee engagement. 500 people. 24 offices. Every major market. We have been part of wpp group since 1986.”

Brandingbusiness The leading brand strategy firm dedicated to building b2b brands

Brands for the Heart An online branding agency for startups

BULLDOGDRUMMOND We are students of people and their behaviors. We bring grounded business strategy and creative design thinking together to solve our client’s biggest challenges. And we look at the world from these two very unique points of view to develop uncommon brands, products and experiences that create real value.

Catchword Branding It’s about breadth, ingenuity, and sheer volume (usually 2000+ names per project!). Our creative process is our naming company’s secret sauce. Shhh.

Cato Partners We tell our global clients’ stories.

CBX We don’t just build brands, we create relationships. Others appreciate passion, we inspire it. Design is at the core of everything we do but connection is the heart that fuels our passion. We make connection more intelligent, emotional and fascinating. We build it, analyze it and continue to redefine it. We seek to discover ever-growing and evolving ways to connect. This means connecting with people in new, creative, innovative and purposeful ways wherever they work, travel and live. It is with this in mind that we get up every day to work on the complex challenges facing our clients’ businesses.

Chase Design Group Chase design group is a creative agency dedicated to achieving client success through innovative strategy and breakthrough design. We believe that great design can have a direct positive effect on our client’s business results. Our award-winning work spans research, brand strategy, corporate and product identity design, packaging and retail environments. Our team crafts effective solutions with an impeccable aesthetic – solutions that are compelling to the end consumer and produce tangible results. We think that’s what great design is all about.

Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv is the brand design firm behind many of the world’s most recognizable trademarks. Since 1958, the firm has pioneered the modern movement of idea-driven graphic design across every discipline, specializing in brand identities, exhibitions, print and motion graphics, and art in architecture.

Cognition A branding agency leveraging the power of brand strategy, advertising, marketing, web design, and mobile app development, to create a comprehensive advantage that helps our clients better compete.

Corebrand  Helps companies understand, craft, measure and leverage the essence of their corporate brands.

Emotive Branding  Time to rethink how your brand makes people feel.

Flux Branding Better branding. For a changing world.

Futurebrand We are the creative future company. Our job is to help you create the future for your brand and business.

Igor A naming agency

Interbrand Creating and managing brand value

Koda A strategic branding and marketing firm, our specialty is developing premium and upscale brands. Our approach is graceful yet voracious. While that means different things to different clients, they all agree on this: Koda delivers results far beyond the scope of traditional marketing.

Kudzu Branding  Kudzu Branding Co. Was created specifically for growing businesses. We believe that beautiful design, a well-laid plan and a strong brand “

Landor Landor is creative branding. We help the world’s best brands stand up, stand out, and stand for something.

Leap branding This is the age of the brand. People interact with them through multiple touchpoints: pixel, physical, verbal. Their synthesis—the new, more complete whole they make together—is how brands are perceived.

Lee branding Consumer-centric marketing for complex brands.

Lexicon branding  Brand names that sell.

Lippincott We see brand as opportunity

Liquid Agency We are a brand experienced agency

Mark Corporate Branding  We believe that a brand is the heart of the matter.

Matchstick Igniting Passionate Brands is a guide for brands who are looking to rekindle their passion or spark the first flame. It outlines some of Matchstick’s most important branding philosophies and practices—ideas that have been honed over our 11 years.

Motto  Today, we create motto’s for our clients to serve as a rallying call — a statement that encapsulates the beliefs and principles that will guide their company.

ologie We help our clients discover their authentic story and find their true voice, all to make their brands clear, compelling, and consistent. We do it by creating powerful experiences across all media, including digital and video. The result? Over time, brands are better known, better understood, and truly unique.

Pentagram Pentagram is the world’s largest independent design consultancy. The firm is owned and run by 19 partners, a group of friends who are all leaders in their individual creative fields.

Proof Branding We explore possibility and achieve stellar results through a well-defined branding process.

Prophet Prophet is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy with offices around the globe. We deliver inspired and actionable ideas that help our clients win in the marketplace. What counts: our collaborative spirit. Our innovative problem solving approach. Our powerful blend of strategy, creativity, and analytics. Our ability to balance your short-term business needs against longer-term growth goals. Our network of business leaders. Our thought leadership in brand, marketing, and beyond. It’s led to successful outcomes for such preeminent clients as bmw, cisco, ge, johnson and johnson, kellogg’s, mcdonald’s, the cosmopolitan, visa, and zurich financial.

Purely Branded  Purely branded is a boutique strategic communications agency focused on delivering sharp brand, digital and marketing solutions that make the most of every dollar in our clients’ budgets.

R&M  Branding agencies, we’re into emotionally pulling customers to companies by grounding our creative ideas in customer-centric truths

SALT Branding  Salt forms strategic partnership with global communications leader WE (formerly Waggener Edstrom)

Savage Brands We approach projects differently from most agencies, and we call it savage thinking®. It’s a strategy, a mindset, a way of working and seeing the world that leads to lasting results.

Scout Branding Company We generate lots of ideas that can be applied across all of the brand components and with your approval, we will execute these ideas. Ad agencies simply craft ads.

Siegel+Gale Making brands different and relevant

Some Odd Pilot Someoddpilot is a branding agency and design studio. Our pursuit is simply this: to tell your story with truth and larger than life vision. Switch  Liberate your brand— support targeted, immersive experiences.

The Brand Institute  Brand Institute is the world’s premier brand identity consultancy. Our brand agency portfolio of services includes brand strategy/architecture, name development, market research, regulatory and visual identity solutions.

The Branding Company The Branding Company offers you a partnership. We want to work with you to grow your business and make your projects and events as successful and profitable as they can be. … because we care! Creating and offering innovative promotional products & programs that work is what the branding company delivers – our customers come first! Our infrastructure offers the support to deliver branded promotional programs, full service creative advertising and custom design, complete print on demand capabilities, warehousing and fulfillment along with incentive initiatives that are measurable and executable. With more than 30 + years of experience in the promotional management area, TBC can ensure the success of your promotional experience.

Total Identity Brands fit for the future

Trone Brand Energy A full-service integrated advertising and digital agency dedicated to spreading brands’ energy.

Tungston From the initial name development to the matching web site and collateral design, we’ll work with you and your team to create a cohesive brand that communicates your message.

UTA Brand Studio An unwavering focus on creating and sustaining brand attachment.

Want Branding Want branding is a leading independent brand development agency offering world-class capabilities and 20 years’ experience in new brand creation, naming and brand evolution.

Wolff Olins We help ambitious leaders invent the future by reinventing their business or category.


This is just a few of the branding agencies that will apply be your partner for your branding needs. However, if one of your branding needs is to grow your market share all the branding agencies combined lack our experience and focus.

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Here are a few internal links that speak to branding agencies, branding companies and the process of hiring an agency that you might find interesting.

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Is our culture a match with your culture? 

The better question is, “What are you looking for in branding agencies?”

Which brings this short treatise to a point. Attitude. We can be difficult to work with because we are a meritocracy. We think the best argument should always win and we absolutely hate sacred cows.

As a result, our clients are aggressive too.

They don’t suffer fools easily and they appreciate critical thought and directness. We believe candor saves everyone a lot of time.

Other branding agencies are more interested in making you happy rather than fighting to make you better.

So we are not for everyone. We might not be for you. As a convenience, we created a list of branding agencies and branding companies that compete with us. The description of what they specialize in is in their own words.

Demand clarity from their purpose. Your prospects demand it of you.

Maybe, just maybe, what branding agencies say about themselves is more important than they think. It says who they are, what they do, and why it is important.


A bit more about us

We talk about our in-house brand research company and our research methodology. We talk about our brand behavioral modeling and our brand strategy development.

We explain that our brand creative and design capabilities are focused on executing a strategy that delivers the foundation needed to steal market share. We speak to how important brand training is to your success. We speak differently than other branding agencies across the globe because we ARE different from other branding agencies. We talk the talk and walk the walk.

Our process is based upon scientific underpinnings that consistently deliver projectable results. We can tell you exactly what prospect behaviors your brand strategy will affect.

Other branding agencies leave that to others. We believe you should have a predictive model to measure your brand’s persuasive ability.

The Socratic method is our best friend. As a result we ask tough questions and we follow them up with more questions.

Our goal is to eliminate the suppositions and preconceived answers that often accompany the category experience that most branding agencies brag about.

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