Brand updating

Brand updating to grow market share

brand updating is a smart discipline

Brand updating is not the same thing as rebranding. It is a tweaking of the brand’s message to position the brand to grow share.

Call us and we can talk with you in more detail. Even though it seems to be a minor change, the results can be immense.

Doing brand updating right and your market share ticks up significantly. Do it wrong, and you risk losing the most loyal of your customers.

We are talking about brand strategy. That means we need a strict and robust process so the results are predictable.

Ordinarily, Stealing Share, the rogue rebranding company, rails at how being process-driven is the surest way to lose your market.

Brands need to be more adaptable. Able to change is subtle ways to exploit market shifts and nudges better.

But in updating a brand, you need to make sure the brand company you choose to spearhead the brand updating knows what they are doing.

Here are Stealing Share’s four steps to ensure brand updating success:

1) We audit your brand.

we are an aggressive version of standard branding agencies. Our strategists examine your brand in nine specific categories (call us, and we will share the auditing process with you in detail).

We look at it dispassionately and find places that your brand is underperforming.

Sometimes these changes happen organically. Just a slight shift in the importance of the market position your brand claims can affect sales.

Before it becomes a severe problem, and minor brand update can fix the issue and position the brand back into preferred status.

2) We fix and redirect the brand message

We redirect it to correct the problems we discovered in your brand audit and we utilize our behavior modeling skills.

Small changes make all the difference in brand updating. It might be as simple as updating a brand theme.

Sometimes we ask the brand to re-establish its position by restating the message in terms that reflect today.

3) We map the competitive market

brand updating without the headachesAnd identify all the competition and their claims and position. This allows us to see the market dimensionally and identify competitors that threaten the brand.

We are looking for real estate that positions the updated brand at an advantage. This analysis finds new opportunities for the brand. Hidden values and advantages.

Stealing Share will make recommendations on everything from processes to product development to exploit this space.

4) We dissect the target market

And we model it to reveal belief systems and the highest emotional intensity in that target audience.

Actual life events change these intensities. (call us to discuss behavior modeling and emotional intensity)

After this analysis, we make the appropriate adjustment to your brand.

When updating a brand, the goal is quite simple.

At least it sounds simple.

The brand updating needs to reinforce the loyalty of current customers. They need to recognize it still and feel that their faith in the brand was well-founded. It is brand retention. The target audience needs to value it more.

But the goal is to attract new customers. Think about the balancing act between these two groups.

In the current target, we want them to see the brand more clearly.

In prospects, we need to have them believe a change has taken place and that they should revisit their earlier decision of rejecting the brand. In this way your brand must be persuasive and not static anylonger.

Stealing Share is a rogue rebranding company

brand updating expertiseWe believe your brand is undervalued. Not made valuable enough persuasively. We design everything on the principle of persuasive branding. Not some static identity that other rebranding companies claim.

Why would you invest a dime in changes that will not grow market share? We can’t think of a reason.

If you think this idea makes sense, then reject the crap from other companies, call us. We have a lot to talk about.